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  • MDR NEWS - 11/5-8/2020

    46th National 100 at East Alabama Motor Speedway - $15,000 to win Super LM. Matt Dooley qualified 6th in his group, started 4th in his heat.  He was running 4th when 3rd place car broke a driveshaft. Unable to miss that driveshaft and fluids caused Matt to spin on white flag lap.  Sunday, on 2nd lap of feature his steering rack broke which ended his night early.  Scored 22nd.  

  • MDR NEWS - 10/24-25/2020

    Showdown at Senoia Raceway - Schaeffer's Oil  $10,000 Fall National Series Super Late Models. Matt Dooley was there for practice for the Showdown  on Thursday and Friday with his #18 Super Late Model and McDowell's #10  Limited Late Model.  It turned out to be test and tune sessions for Dooley because due to rain on Saturday, the race was rescheduled to Nov.  21st

  • MDR NEWS - 10/3/2020

    Fletcher Cavender Memorial Race $1200 to win - West Georgia Speedway Limited LM

    Dooley broke out McDowell's #10  Limited  Steel Head LM for the first time this season.  Matt qualified 2nd and took the lead with 5 laps to go.  A caution was thrown, Matt was put back to 2nd.  Brought home a 2nd place finish for the McDowell family and Lifeline EMS.

  • MDR NEWS - 8/29/2020

    Talladega Short Track Super Late Model Race - Talladega County, AL

    Matt Dooley ventured out to Talladega Short Track to test some changes he had made to the Super LM #18.  He qualified 7th out of a total of thirteen cars.  Dooley then made some more adjustments to the car and ended up finishing 8th in the feature race. 

  • MDR NEWS - 8/8/2020

    Dixie Speedway - "The Red Clay At Woodstock" Super Late Model Race

    Matt Dooley qualified his #18  Late Model 8th in the Super Late Model Division.  However, Dooley had problems when something broke on his steering during the feature race.  He ended up with a 14th place finish out of 18 total cars at Dixie Speedway.

  • MDR NEWS - 7/17/2020

    Schaeffer's Oil Southern Nationals Series Super Late Model $10,053 to win at Needmore Speedway

    Matt Dooley qualified 22nd out of 27 total cars which entered the race.  Dooley's #18 finished 6th in his heat race and 5th in the  consolation race.  Dooley had mechanical problems during the feature race and  he was scored a 22nd place finish in the feature at Needmore.

  • MDR NEWS - 7/16/2020

    Schaeffer's Oil Southern Nationals Series Super Late Model $3500 to win at Senoia Raceway

    Matt Dooley qualified 10th in his group out of 33 total cars which entered the race.  Dooley's #18 finished 3rd in his heat race which locked him into the feature race where he started 12th.  With some front end damage to his car, he managed a 19th place finish at New Senoia Raceway.

  • MDR NEWS - 7/11/2020

    Southern All Stars Series Super Late Model race at ECM Speedway in Bremen, AL

    The #18 of Dooley qualified 5th quickest which locked him into the feature show.  He started 9th out of over 30 cars.  About half way through the feature, Dooley broke a right rear rotor/hub on a rough part of the track.  He lost his brakes but hung in there to finish all 40 laps and managed to finish 11th place.

  • MDR NEWS - 7/3/2020

    Ultimate Super Late Model Series race at Lavonia Speedway in Lavonia, GA

    Matt Dooley finished 2nd in his heat race.  Dooley raced his #18 Super into the top 10 of the feature race but got involved in someone else's wreck which caused sheet metal damage to his car.  This later caused a flat tire and Dooley ended up with a 15th place finish in the feature.

  • MDR NEWS - 6/13/2020

    Mississippi State Challenge Series Super Late Model race at ECM Speedway in Bremen, AL

    Matt Dooley qualified 2nd in his group of Super Late Models and 5th overall.  First time at the track and felt good about his car.  However, while trying to make a pass in the race, hit an infield tire which  folded the nose piece and ended his night early.  

  • MDR NEWS - 5/7/2020

    Matt Dooley Interview by Motorsports Engine at DirtonDirt.com Super Late Model Shoot-Out at Senoia Raceway

    Check out Matt Dooley's live interview by Michael Coleman of Motorsports Engine at Senoia Raceway: "The Magic Man" Matt Dooley at Senoia Raceway on YouTube


  • MDR NEWS - 5/7/2020

    DirtonDirt.com Super Late Model Shoot-Out at Senoia Raceway

    The #18 Dirt Super Late Model of Matt Dooley was one of the 43 entries in the first race of 2020 at Senoia Raceway.  Dooley's car had some issues during qualifying and he was unable to make the feature but it was great to be back at the track.

  • MDR NEWS - 5/1/2020

    Matt Dooley Racing team hats have arrived!

    Check out MD 18's new hat!  They’re available in 2 different colors. We ship and accept PayPal, also catch us at the track! $20 per hat. Thank you to all the fans for supporting MDR!  Check out our social media sites for our 2020 schedule.  The coronavirus has race track's schedules changing in 2020.

  • MDR NEWS - 1/1/2020

    Matt Dooley's #18 Super Dirt Late Model has been added to DIRT TRACKIN2 online app/game.


     So, download the app/game and  race the #18 Matt Dooley dirt race car on the Dirt Trackin2 app/game and let Matt Dooley Racing know how well you finish.  Have fun!


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